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- China - Taicang, Jiangsu Province

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Machining Supervisor (m/f)

Tradition und Innovation

Since 1919 the AKG Group is a specialist in the field of heat transfer. Our group of companies is financially sound, innovative and expanding. With about 2.800 employees at 12 locations in Europe, the Americas and Asia we develop and produce heat exchangers for a multitude of application areas and industries.
AKG Thermal Systems (Taicang) Co., Ltd, is a 100% subsidiary of the German AKG Group and has been successful in China for more than 20 years. With a strong in-house engineering team, we offer cooling solutions to local and Global Key Accounts. We export 75% of our sales, serving industries like construction equipment, high-speed trains, high-performance cars and agriculture.

岗位职责 Job Description

  • 负责机加工工序的生产、现场及人员管理, 向生产经理汇报工作
  • 分解本工序生产主计划, 制定详细的现场排产计划
  • 协调生产资源,组织员工按计划进度生产加工
  • 监督和控制生产过程,优化并改进工艺流程
  • 监督和控制产品的质量,确保生产出符合质量要求的产品
  • 监督和控制安全生产,负责所管理辖区域的安全管理
  • 负责分析并排除各类生产故障,组织生产班组例会,及时汇报生产动态
  • 及时完成上级领导交代的各项工作。
  • Responsible for the machining process, production field and people management, report to the production manager
  • Decompose the main production plan of this process and made detailed on-site production scheduling
  • Coordinated production resources and organized employees to produce and process according to the schedule
  • Supervise and control the production process, optimize and improve the process flow
  • Supervise and control the quality of products to ensure that the products meet the quality requirements
  • Supervise and control the safety production, be responsible for the safety management of the region
  • Responsible for analyzing and troubleshooting various faults, organizing regular meetings of production teams, and timely reporting production trends
  • Timely complete other tasks assigned by superior leaders

任职要求 Job Qualifications

  • 机械相关专业或工科背景,大专或以上学历
  • 2年以上生产管理工作经验,有数控加工基础,了解机加工锯切、钻、铣、车和攻丝等各类加工工艺
  • 了解ISO9001,ISO14000管理体系和5S 精益管理
  • 可以使用英语进行口头及书面交流
  • 良好的沟通和人际交往能力
  • Major in Mechanical or Engineering background,college degree or above
  • 2+years relevant production management experience, ability with ordinary machining cutting, drilling, milling, lathing and tapping. Base technology of CNC machining
  • Has the knowledge of ISO 9001, ISO 14000 systems, 5S&LEAN
  • Priory in English read and write
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills

Starting Date: As available